URL Duplicate checker
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Do you ever find yourself watching a youtube video and then after about 30 seconds you say to yourself, “Oh my gosh. I've already seen this” ?
Me too !
This application allows you to compare lists of URL's and keeps a record of what you've viewed so you don't need to accidentally view it a second time.
I'm a bit of a youtube junkie . I have over 2000 URL's (about 3 minutes long each) I've already viewed (and counting). That sounds bad I'm sure but on the upside I rarely watch TV so that more than evens it out. (5 youtube vids / day x 3 minutes = 15 minutes)

When I plan to watch a video I just copy and paste the url of what I'm about to view into a textfile and then once I have a list of planned videos (from searches / subscriptions) I import the list into this application and it spits out a list of videos I haven't watched and also a list I have already watched (separated) so I don't watch the same video again.

This application could also be used for things apart from youtube and maybe even for sinister things (hopefully nothing illegal) . Those telemarketers we all love might even use it (shame shame)

The output list is stripped of non essential things (ie after the needed url). Sometimes URL's have that pesky playlist information after them. This strips that . Stripping excess characters can be adjusted by the included profile editor

Have you got 2 people in your household that have different tastes in videos ? With the profile section each user can have a different profile and different save lists (under their profile name) This means if user 1 profile has seen a video but user 2 profile hasn't the URL wont end up in their duplicate list.
I have allowed up to 10 profiles although I have included only 1. It is easy to add more profiles with the profile editor (included) In the profile editor you can choose a profile name and the number of characters to truncate after for each line

No installation required. Just unzip the file and click on the application which means you can use it on any windows pc or off a usb drive.

DISCLAIMER: Although this software has been tested it is not guaranteed to be error free. Use it at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any errors / loss of data / etc Bugs can be reported to the author however and suggestions for additional features for future updates.